GDPR training for your Business

Security made simple

GDPR training and support, data security and network intrusion testing from Holray Data and Security.

We are a small, family run software firm based in Norwich, UK. We started our business in 1996, specializing in bespoke software, booking software for the holiday and leisure industry, and now GDPR.

Simon is a certified Ethical Hacker, as of August 2017 and Rachel is a certified GDPR Practitioner as of October 2017.

Together we can offer help and guidance regarding your GDPR compliance, and can test the robustness of your security systems.

What We Do


Rachel is available to come to your place of work, and talk you through the impact of GDPR, what you need to do to get compliance, and to how keep your data and your business safe.

In these sessions she can demonstrate pitfalls, identify areas of weakness and advise on good codes of practice. Leaving you with the knowledge and tools vital in preventing a breach.
Rachel will also ensure that you have the processes in place to handle data requests, an inspection from the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), or an attack on your data. By the end of this session you can guarantee a better understanding of GDPR and a smoother transition into the regulations.

Simon, on the other hand, can offer more technical and software specific services. As a certified ethical hacker Simon can rigorously test your systems to identify software vulnerabilities. He can then work with you to secure those vulnerabilities.

minimize the risk, minimize the effect

We cannot guarantee that you will not suffer a breach. This is impossible.

What we offer is good advice, good practice and careful guidance. In preparing for GDPR compliance you will minimise your risk of attack and, if breached, will suffer fewer effects than those caught unaware.  

Keep your business secured, keep your data safe, ensure that you are prepared.